Test Aankoop/Test Achats | promote the new campaign!

Promote the new campaign of Test Aankoop / Test Achats now and receive an extra high commission until 30.04!

Deals and commissions:
– Gold Pack with the smartphone gift, EUR 23 CPL (+ 2 EUR until 30.04)
– Silver Pack with the smartwatch gift, 10 EUR CLP (+2 EUR until 30.04)
– Call me back: you let your phone number and test purchases call you back later, 2 EUR CPL
– Click to call: you click directly to call test achats, 0.75 EUR CPL

Link: https://clk.tradedoubler.com/click?p=22494&a=XXXX&g=24265972
(do not forget XXXX by changing your site ID)

Adverteerder: Test Aankoop/Test Achats (22494)
Commissie: tot 23 EUR
Website: https://www.test-aankoop.be/
Informatie: Bekijk programma informatie